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Activist and Police, Luetzerath 2023.
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Activists at Luetzerath, 2023.
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Police officers inside the Garzweiler open-cast lignite mine 2023.
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Activist stands guard at Luetzerath, 2023.
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Police and activists clash during a demonstration. 2023.
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Police officers move in an activist blockade, 2023.
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Police and activists at Luetzerath, 2023.
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Activists in Luetzerath, 2023.
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Clash between Police and activists, Luetzreath 2023
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Activists in the mud, Luetzerath 2023
The western German village of Luetzerath on the edge of the Garzweiler open-cast lignite mine was occupied by climate to stop the expansion of the mining and became a symbol of the international climate change movement. Story for Reuters, during riots between Police and actvists for days as Police cleared the village in January 2023.