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Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel in Aachen, Germany, 2018
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German finance minister Christian Lindner autographs a picture, Cologne, 2021
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Christian Democratic candidate for chancellor Armin Laschet votes CDU, Aachen, 2021
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Passengers wait in front of Cologne main station during a hostage-taking, 2018
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Passenger walk along the Cologne main station a few days after abuses against woman on new years eve, 2016, (for DPA)
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Members of Carnival associations attend a Carnival celebration of Cologne's first Jewish Carnival club in a synagogue, 2019
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Workers leave the Franz Haniel shaft as the last active black coal mine closes in Bottrop, 2018
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People relax on a square during a heatwave with up to 40 degrees in Cologne, 2019
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A boy in a fountain during a heatwave with up to 40 degrees in Cologne, 2019
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Cast iron foundry in Krefeld, 2022
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The super blood wolf moon during a total lunar eclipse behind the cathedral in Cologne, 2019
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